Italian Cocktail Tradition in London at Apero

The Ampersand Hotel enjoys the distinction of being one of the original Victorian boutique hotel experiences.  This South Kensington retreat provides guests with a modern and refreshing escape from one of the world’s busiest cities.  However, it’s the cellar of The Ampersand Hotel that is most intriguing.

Below the historic arches that support The Ampersand Hotel, the Apero bar and lounge presents a cozy and lively space.  Painted in bright white and accented with colourful furnishings and details, the Apero almost makes guests forget that they are in the basement.  Natural light pours in through large windows, illuminating a unique and intimate kitchen environment.

The welcoming bar runs along the longest wall, behind which guests can look right into a busy and modernized, yet traditional, Italian kitchen.  A seemingly endless stream of small snacks and delights pours forth from the kitchen and approaches every brightly lit table and corner.  Apero bar specializes in an Italian apertivo style experience, blending unique flavours, small meals, and plenty of refreshing beverages.

Whether chef or mixologist, the skilled staff of the Apero Bar take great pride in every drink and dish they prepare.  Only the finest ingredients are selected, and passion is evident in every presentation.

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The Apero bar and lounge offers a uniquely Italian experience within the traditional Victorian English atmosphere of The Ampersand Hotel.  Upon visiting the Apero, guests are encouraged to sample the signature cocktail.  Named for Florentine explorer and cartographer, Amerigo Vespucci, the Amerigo combines Rittenhouse whiskey, Martini rosso, Galliano ristretto, and crème de mure with just a dash of bitters, in a deep, luscious, and complex beverage.

Alexander Ryll
I have been collecting cocktail recipes and collating a list of my personal favourite hotel bars for the last ten years. If you have a hotel bar you would like to recommend click on 'Add A Hotel Bar' on the menu.
Alexander Ryll

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