Cocktails atop of the Atlanta skyline at Polaris

Offering unmatched panoramic views of the Atlanta skyline, the Polaris bar sits atop the 22nd floor of the famous Hyatt Regency Atlanta, in the heart of the city.  From Peachtree Street far below, guests enjoy a ride up the glass elevator to this rotating blue glass bar and restaurant.  Guests enjoy craft cocktails and chef-inspired award winning meals from this rooftop destination.   

Just beneath Polaris, visitors can view the hotel’s unique Polaris Bee Garden.  This fresh rooftop garden is a lovely green space where urban bees may pollinate.  The resulting tomatoes, peppers, herbs, spices, and of course, honey, end up in the food and beverages served at Polaris.

Aside from the stunning views, Polaris offers a unique retro history of sorts.  Opened in 1967, the bar itself has retained much of its “bar of the future” charm, stemming back to the prime of the space exploration days.  Rotating like a bright blue globe, the Polaris appears like a mysterious planet in the Atlanta skyline.

The mixologists at Polaris carefully combine the finest available spirits with fresh ingredients to offer refreshing drinks that stimulate the senses.  Many guests agree, no stay at the Hyatt Regency is complete without making a stop at the top.

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Staying true to tradition, the Polaris has long achieved prominence atop the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.  Also in line with tradition is the Polaris bar’s signature drink, the House-Aged Old Fashioned.  The talented mixologists start by grinding down sugar cubes with a few dashes of bitters.  Ice is added, and the tender carefully pours in the bar’s very own Barrel-Aged Polaris bourbon.  Garnished with a maraschino cherry and a twist of orange peel, this is a delightful and familiar take on an American classic.

Alexander Ryll
I have been collecting cocktail recipes and collating a list of my personal favourite hotel bars for the last ten years. If you have a hotel bar you would like to recommend click on 'Add A Hotel Bar' on the menu.
Alexander Ryll

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