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Brooms & Hatchets, a vibrant Oslo bar that embraces quality craftsmanship

Located in the belly of the First Hotel Grims Grenka, the cosy cocktail bar Brooms & Hatchets presents a modern Brooklyn atmosphere in the distinctly Norwegian historical neighbourhood of Kvadraturen.  The Brooms & Hatchets occupies the space that was once home to Oslo’s most notorious executioner.  However, despite its morbid past, the bar itself is a vibrant and lively space to explore innovative craft cocktail experiments.  Read More

Oslo’s Cultural Cocktails, Etoile Bar presents over 30 years of vibrant Norwegian cocktail culture

Since opening its doors in 1976, the Grand Hotel’s rooftop bar has been regarded as the perfect place in which to enjoy spectacular food, drink, and views over surrounding Oslo.  Once known as Plaisir, the newly named Etoile Bar rose to prominence in the 1980’s, becoming one of the most stylish and chic gourmet restaurants in Norway.   Read More

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