Past meets present in the innovative Peg + Patriot cocktail lounge

Built during the Edwardian era, the Town Hall Hotel once served as a symbol of British wealth and power.  The finest architects and designers of the day were called upon to deliver a splendid masterpiece of Art Deco.  Today, the Town Hall has been carefully updated to cater to modern guests, yet still manages to tastefully hold on to its incredible heritage.  The award-winning hotel features cutting edge restoration techniques, re-engineered to maintain the building’s heritage and still allow for ample natural light and comfortable atmospheres for its guests. 

The perfect juxtaposition to the historic Town Hall Hotel is the stunning Peg + Patriot cocktail lounge.  The Peg + Patriot rests at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, presenting a modern and cutting-edge cocktail experience within the corridors of a storied hotel.  Rich wood and marble is traded in favour of bold steel, ceramic, and metal to create a stark contrast with the hotel rooms in the floors above.

At the centre of the space is three-sided bar, where guests can sit belly-up as mixologists craft a vast menu of enticing drinks.  The Peg + Patriot features a collection of top shelf liquors and an impressive selection of whiskies.  Visitors enjoy a laugh as they bask in the warm glow of Edison bulbs overhead, the designer’s playful nod to the historical nature of the building.

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Always on the cusp of something new, the talented mixologists of the Peg + Patriot know how to keep guests of the Town Hall Hotel on their toes.  As such, the bar’s signature cocktail is no exception.  The Korova Milk Sour blends flavour and science, beginning with an infusion of yogurt powder and gin.  After a 24-hour infusion, the yogurt infused gin is mixed with the bar’s specialty honey water, fresh lemon juice, egg white, and 5 drops of lactic acid.  The drink is shaken and strained into a chilled coupe glass, for a unique cocktail experience.

Alexander Ryll
I have been collecting cocktail recipes and collating a list of my personal favourite hotel bars for the last ten years. If you have a hotel bar you would like to recommend click on 'Add A Hotel Bar' on the menu.
Alexander Ryll

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