Introducing “The Athenaeum”

Convinced that a collection of over 300 whiskies just wasn’t enough for their discerning clientele, the innovative whisky sommeliers at The Athenaeum Hotel & Apartments decided to take matters into their own hands.  Introducing “The Athenaeum,” a carefully crafted, full-bodied whisky blend available exclusively at The Whisky Bar in fashionable Mayfair.  

“We have whisky aficionados from all over the world who visit our bar on a regular basis, and we have a pretty good fix on what they like,” states one of The Whisky Bar’s sommeliers.  “We wanted to create a blend which reflected the spirit of The Athenaeum Hotel  – something warm, welcoming, and suprising.”



That warm, welcoming surprise is the aptly named Athenaeum, an 8-year-old blend of spicy Speyside malts, matured in sherry and bourbon casks.  With a rich, complex, and smoky flavor, The Athenaeum is sure to be a crowd pleaser – even among the sophisticated critics and connoisseurs who tend to frequent The Whisky Bar.  A compliment to the classic and stylish Mayfair hotel it hails from, the Athenaeum blend features a citrusy nose, accompanied by hints of toasted oat, nuts, and honey.  The body is a creamy malt, which lends to an enduring flavor that lingers through the finish.

Selecting the proper whisky blend for a sophisticated hotel such as The Athenaeum is no easy task.  That’s why the caretakers of the Whisky Bar turned to The Great Whisky Company for help in determining just the right blend.  A taste test of 6 unique blends was conducted, with discreet smokiness of The Athenaeum blend winning hands-down.

However, the experience of The Athenaeum isn’t just limited to professionals.  The Whisky Bar is a welcoming space, where visitors from all walks of life are encouraged to explore any of the bar’s 300+ varieties, and walk away with a fond memory and a new learning experience.  In order to aid this experience, The Whisky Bar offers a selection of Whisky Socials, where visitors are invited to try a variety of whiskies, learn important factors such as the proper scent and footprint, and discover the best food pairings for each blend.  On Thursday, March 5th, The Whisky Bar will host the Penderyn Distillery in Wales, who will share a five-course meal and the perfect dram for each course.  Space is limited, so interested parties are advised to call in advance to reserve their tickets.

For a more relaxed whisky tasting experience, the Whisky Bar also features a collection of whisky flights.  Each flight presents the palate with a sampling of three flavors from the most distinctive whisky producing regions of the world.  Flight options include the Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, or the Islands.  With access to so many exclusive blends and opportunities to learn, it’s no wonder why The Athenaeum Hotel’s Whisky Bar is well recognized for its whisky tradition.  A tradition befitting of a classic and sophisticated Mayfair hotel.

Alexander Ryll
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Alexander Ryll

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