Brooms & Hatchets, a vibrant Oslo bar that embraces quality craftsmanship

Located in the belly of the First Hotel Grims Grenka, the cosy cocktail bar Brooms & Hatchets presents a modern Brooklyn atmosphere in the distinctly Norwegian historical neighbourhood of Kvadraturen.  The Brooms & Hatchets occupies the space that was once home to Oslo’s most notorious executioner.  However, despite its morbid past, the bar itself is a vibrant and lively space to explore innovative craft cocktail experiments. 

Staffed by a skilled team of passionate mixologists, the menu of Brooms & Hatchets tastefully combines locally sourced ingredients and contemporary preparations.  Innovative mixes leave guests in awe, as they sip foamy drinks from miniature bathtubs, or feel the chill of a Nitrogen-cooled cocktail glass.  Embracing its Scandinavian heritage, the cocktail bar also features local micro breweries and delightful food options.

The warm, cosy space is perfect for gathering with friends and exploring local cocktail culture.  Guests are placed within arm’s reach of their tender, putting them within inches of the innovative actions happening on the bar top.  Low light and rich, warm wood accents compliment the vibrant and busy atmosphere.

The First Hotel Grims Grenka offers the perfect home for such a unique cocktail bar.  Featuring large and contemporary guest rooms, Grims Grenka is the preferred home away from home for travellers visiting Oslo.

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Mathias Alsen and his team of tenders work diligently to deliver unique and contemporary tastes to patrons of the Brooms & Hatchets bar.  Turning Leaves is Alsen’s contribution to the Global Bacardi Legacy.  This complex drink combines Bacardi Superior, St. Germain Elderflower Liquer, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, fresh oregano and a slice of cucumber.  The result is a fresh and flavourful drink that pays homage to Bacardi’s lush history.

Picture credits: Christina Børding

Alexander Ryll
I have been collecting cocktail recipes and collating a list of my personal favourite hotel bars for the last ten years. If you have a hotel bar you would like to recommend click on 'Add A Hotel Bar' on the menu.
Alexander Ryll
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