Oslo’s Cultural Cocktails, Etoile Bar presents over 30 years of vibrant Norwegian cocktail culture

Since opening its doors in 1976, the Grand Hotel’s rooftop bar has been regarded as the perfect place in which to enjoy spectacular food, drink, and views over surrounding Oslo.  Once known as Plaisir, the newly named Etoile Bar rose to prominence in the 1980’s, becoming one of the most stylish and chic gourmet restaurants in Norway.  

Today, Etoile Bar enjoys a fresh new appearance, yet still maintains much of the unique character that makes it such a popular hangout.  Aside from the panoramic views, guests will find themselves surrounded by a vibrant and inspiring cocktail culture.  Etoile Bar today resides at the forefront of Oslo’s evolving cocktail scene, and with one visit it is easy to see why.

Priding itself on style and innovation, Etoile Bar carefully combines traditional Norwegian flavours with creative new cocktail experiences.  Guests savor the famous Swedish berry, the Lingonberry, in a variety of drinks and dishes alike.

The atmosphere is the perfect compliment to the changing mood of the Etoile Bar.  By day, the space is bright and airy, welcoming the natural light through the panoramic glass.  At nightfall, the electric city lights blend with the mood lighting and stylish lounge atmosphere within Etoile Bar.

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Based on one of Norway’s most popular flavours, the Lingonberry is an innovative cocktail served at the Grand Hotel’s Etoile Bar.  Crafting a delicate interpretation of the otherwise bold flavour. Topped with a mist of Ardbeg 10yrs gently sprayed on right before service, this drink is a far step away from the normal use of Lingonberry, yet close to becoming a cherished favorite.

For those preferring a more simplistic style, the Kannesteinen tastefully blends Strom Aquavit, Carpano, and bitters over ice, served a la Manhattan.  The flavour is reminiscent of the cold winter sea smashing against ancient rocky coastlines.

Alexander Ryll
I have been collecting cocktail recipes and collating a list of my personal favourite hotel bars for the last ten years. If you have a hotel bar you would like to recommend click on 'Add A Hotel Bar' on the menu.
Alexander Ryll

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