Blue Bird

Blue Bird

  • 5 ingredients


  • Ketel One Vodka 50 ml
  • Cointreau 20 ml
  • Fresh Lemon Juice 15 ml
  • Maraschino Luxardo 3 Dashes
  • Blue extracts 1 Dash

Preparation: Pour all the ingredients into a shaker, shake, double strain into a Goblet glass.

Glassware: Goblet Glass

Garnish: Garnished with lemon peal

The elegant Hotel Café Royal rests between Mayfair and SoHo, in the heart of London’s fashion and creative neighbourhoods.  At its heart, travellers will discover a stunning and historic bar, the Green Bar, which features a historic cocktail menu and a variety of traditional absinthe fountains.  Read More Here

Blue Bird


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