Hotel Cocktail

Citrus Catwalk

  • 5 ingredients


  • Hendricks Gin 30 ml
  • Grand Marnier 20 ml
  • Peach Schnapps 20 ml
  • Lime Juice 15 ml
  • Sugar Syrup 5 ml

Preparation: Shake all ingredients.  Double strain into a Martini Glass and finish with slice of peach.

Glassware: Martini Glass

Garnish: Slice of peach

Offering over 300 whiskies and blends, The Whisky Bar is a cosy retreat located in the stunning Athenaeum Hotel & Apartments.  No visit to fashionable Mayfair is complete without savouring this bar’s delightful assortment of whiskies, champagne, mixed drinks, and specialty cocktails, all served in a warm and discreet setting.  Read More Here

Citrus Catwalk

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