Korova Milk Sour

Korova Milk Sour

  • 5 ingredients


  • Yogurt Infused Gin 50 ml
  • Honey Water 15 ml
  • Lemon Juice 2.5 ml
  • Egg White 2.5 ml
  • Lactic Acid 5 Drops

Advance Preparation: Infuse 8.75g of yogurt powder into 1 bottle of gin and leave to infuse for 24 hrs before straining (yogurt powder is available online).  Heat 100ml of water to 70 degrees and mix with 100g honey and 1 small pinch of salt to make a honey water (this is best for mixing into other liquids.  Separate 1 egg and keep the White fresh eggs work best).  Put 25g milk powder on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and roast at low temp until golden brown.

Cocktail Preparation:  Shake all ingredients hard.  Strain into top of the tin and discard the ice now shake with no ice.  Double strain to a chilled coupe glass

Glassware: Coupe Glass

Garnish: Light Dust of Roasted Milk Powder

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Korova Milk Sour

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