Selfie Compatible

Selfie Compatible

  • 6 ingredients


  • Zacapa 40 ml
  • Floc De Gascogne 30 ml
  • Verjus 15 ml
  • Campari 5 ml
  • Peychaud’s 2 Dashes
  • Partizan Pale Ale 40 ml

Preparation: Place all ingredients into shaker, add ice and roll. Pour into chilled tall glass.

Glassware: Tall Glass

Garnish: None

Headed by an award winning mixologist, the innovative Artesian pushes the envelope for innovative cocktails, from the heart of one of London’s finest hotels, The Langham London.  With a tradition of five star accommodations and a five star cocktail menu, the Artesian is guaranteed to please.  Read More Here

Selfie Compatible

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